Shenesin JR-337

  • Shenesin JR-337【Chemical Nature】
    Aqueous copolymer solution

    Shenesin 337 has strong filling power, it fills up the loose parts of leather and generally improves the cutting yield. It also improves the tensile strength of splits. Leathers retanned with Shenesin 337 are full and soft, and the fineness of the grain and character of chrome leather are not impaired.
    Shenesin 337 improves the distribution of vegetable and synthetic tanning agents through the cross-section, which has a beneficial effect on the tightness of the grain and improves the leather's response to buffing.

    【Characteristic features】
    Physical form: Viscous, transparent liquid
    Effective Substance (%): ≥26
    PH Value (1:10): 6.0~7.0

    Shenesin 337 normally is diluted 1 to 3 with warm water before addition.
    Shenesin 337 can be added together with other syntans and vegetable tanning agents. A pre-run of about 30 minutes will help the distribution of syntans and vegetable tanning agents.
    The dosage is normally 2% to 4% based on shaved weight.

    【Transportation and Storage】
    Shenesin 337 is categorized as non-DG cargo, can be transported and stored normally. It has a shelf life of at least one year if they are stored in their tightly sealed original packaging at temperatures between 8℃ and 40℃. Drums should be tightly resealed each time material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they are opened.
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