Shentergen TPL

  • Shentergen TPL【Chemical Nature】
    Special condensation of nonyl phenol and ethylene oxide

    Shentergen TPL is nonionic surfactants with high concentration, used in wide range. It has excellent penetration, soaking, emulsifiyings effect. It is effective across the whole processes of beam house. It has strong action to degrease the fat and ordure from the surface of interior layer, especially for the very greasy hides o skins, such as pigskins, sheepskins, etc.
    Compared with normal degreasing agent, Shentergen TPL remains emulsifying capability in acids, hard water or mineral salts solutions, even if only a small amount is applied. This product is cream form in the winter.

    【Characteristic features】
    Physical form: Yellowish clear paste
    Effective substance(%): ≥32
    pH Value(1:10): 9.0~10.0

    Prophase of degreasing: 0.8%~1.0%, based on raw hide weight
    After liming process : 0.2~0.5%,based on pelt weight
    The exact amount of Shentergen TPL added has to be adjusted which depends upon the fatty content of the raw hide.

    【Transportation and Storage】
    Shentergen TPL is categorized as non-DG cargo, can be transported and stored normally. It has a shelf life of at least one year if they are stored in their tightly sealed original packaging at temperatures between 8℃ and 40℃. Drums should be tightly resealed each time material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they are opened.
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