Shenotan JLE

  • Shenotan JLE【Chemical Nature】
    Condensation product of phenol

    Shenotan JLE is a fine, off-white powder which readily dissolves in water. Shenotan JLE Liquid is a slightly viscous, yellow liquid which is miscible with water in all proportions. They are both fully compatible with vegetable tanning agents and syntans, and they can be used in combination with other anionic tanning agents and retanning agents.
    Shenotan JLE gives full, white leathers with a soft, pleasant handle if they are used as the sole tanning agents. They can also be used to retan chrome-tanned leathers to give soft, full, white leathers with high light fastness, a smooth grain and a fine break. Leathers that have been retanned with Shenotan JLE can be dyed to brilliant, level shades.

    【Characteristic features】
    Liquid Product                                               Powder Product
    Physical form: Viscous, yellow liquid Fine,off-white powder
    Effective Substance(%):≥50                            ≥94
    PH Value(1:10): 3.0~4.0                             3.0~4.0

    Shenotan JLE can be used to tan and retan all types of high quality leathers especially white leather. They are very effective choice for leathers that are dyed to pale shades and expected to be lightfast and have a full, pleasant handle.
    Shenotan JLE gives excellent results when used in nubuck leathers production.

    【Transportation and Storage】
    Shenotan JLE is categorized as non-DG cargo, can be transported and stored normally. The powder and liquid products have a shelf life of at least one year if they are stored in their tightly sealed original packaging at temperatures between 0 ℃ and 40℃. (Liquid product should be stored at temperatures of between 8℃ and 40℃). Bags or drums should be tightly resealed each time material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they are opened.
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