Shenopal J-SL

  • Shenopal J-SL【Chemical Nature】
    Sulphited and phosphatised triglycerides and nonionic stabilizers

    Shenopal J-SL is a highly effective fatliquor for the production of light, fluffy clothing and softy leathers. It is light fast and heat resistant. It has excellent stability to acids, electrolytes and chrome. It can help to level anionic dyeings through its dispersing and penetrating properties. Leathers treated with Shenopal J-SL have outstanding softness and extremely smooth creamy grain.

    【Characteristic features】
    Physical form: Red brown semi viscous oil
    Effective Substance (%): ≥90
    PH Value ( 1:10 ): 6.0~8.0

    Shenopal J-SL can be used alone or together with other anionic fatliquors. It can be used in the main fatliquoring or assistant fatliquoring or top fatliquoring. It can be used also in chrome tanning and retanning.
    The product should be diluted 1:5 with hot water before addition into the drum.
    The dosage is normally 1% to 10% based on shaved weight.

    【Transportation and Storage】
    Shenopal J-SL is categorized as non-DG cargo, can be transported and stored normally. It has a shelf life of at least one year if they are stored in their tightly sealed original packaging at temperatures between 8℃ and 40℃. Drums should be tightly resealed each time material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they are opened.
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