Shenopal JSH-238

  • Shenopal JSH-238【Chemical Nature】
    Synthetic oils

    Shenopal JHS-238 has excellent penetration and light fastness. It is suitable for all types of light leathers. Leathers treated with Shenopal JHS-238 are very soft, full and fluffy.
    Shenopal JHS-238 is especially recommended for milling leather where the spongy effect is important.

    【Characteristic features】
    Physical form: Light yellowish transparent liquid
    Effective Substance (%): ≥40
    PH Value ( 1:10 ): 7.0 ~ 8.0

    Shenopal JHS-238 can be used alone or together with other anionic fatliquors. It can be used in the main fatliquoring and assistant fatliquoring.
    The dosage is normally 2% to 8% based on shaved weight.

    【Transportation and Storage】
    Shenopal JHS-238 is categorized as non-DG cargo, can be transported and stored normally. It has a shelf life of at least one year if they are stored in their tightly sealed original packaging at temperatures between 8℃ and 40℃. Drums should be tightly resealed each time material is taken from them, and their contents should be used up as soon as possible after they are opened.
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