Shenical LR

  • Shenical LR【Chemical Nature】
    Mixture of alkalis and auxiliaries

    Shenical LR is a multifunction liming agent. Due to mild swelling effect, it can replace or partly replace lime in unhairing/liming process. It can penetrate into the pelt evenly, saponify the fat/grease and reduce wrinkles. Thus improve the quality and yield of wetblue. And reduce the sludge.

    【Characteristic features】
    Physical form:Jelly
    Effective Substance (% ):≥40
    PH Value (1:10):>12

    Shenical LR can be added directly into the drum without dilution.
    It can be used up to 4% based on freshed weight depending on the amount of lime to be replaced and swelling level reqired.

    Shenical LR is a strong corrosive alkaline, attention must be paid to personal safety in handling of this product.
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